Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fire Lookouts

Why would I have a post about fire lookouts?

Because they make great biking destinations!
  • Adventure

  • 360 Degree Views

  • Difficult Ascents

  • Gravel Roads

  • Local History

I have compiled a list of 16 former and current lookouts in Humboldt County. Most of them would make great biking destinations, but I have narrowed the number down to 6 for several reasons. First, some, like Pratt Mountain, are located on private land and would require permission to ride to. Second, some no longer exist and are now just remote summit locations. Third, some are located in remote areas that I doubt many people would travel to just to ride a bike. I want to document lookouts that people would actually ride to. Below are the 16 potential lookouts. For some, I don't know if a lookout exists anymore. I have highlighted the ones that appear to make good biking locations. If you have been to one on the list for any reason, let me know if it would make a good ride by posting a comment. I'm particularly interested in confirming the lookout status and access.

  1. Big Hill, elevation 3583', Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, location T8N, R5E, SEC 8, approximately 4 miles northeast of Hoopa. Permanent Lookout Station.

  2. Blake Mountain (LO site), elevation 5909', Six Rivers National Forest, location T3N, R5E, SEC 25, approximately 4 miles west of Hyampom. No longer a lookout.

  3. Board Camp Mountain, elevation 5191', Six Rivers National Forest, location T4N, R4E, SEC 27 , approximately 17 miles southwest of Willow Creek. No longer a lookout.

  4. Brush Mountain, elevation 3988', Six Rivers National Forest, location T6N, R4E, SEC 12, approximately 3 miles southwest of Willow Creek. Permanent Lookout.

  5. Cold Springs (LO site), elevation 5478', Six Rivers National Forest, location T2N, R6E, SEC 21, approximately 5.5 miles north of Mad River. No longer a lookout.

  6. Eightmile (LO site), elevation 4440', Six Rivers National Forest, location T2N, R5E, SEC 26, approximately 4.5 miles northwest of Mad River. No longer a lookout.

  7. Grasshopper Mountain, elevation 3379', Humboldt Redwoods State Park, location T2S, R2E, SEC 8, approximately 3 miles west of Weott. Permanent Lookout Station.

  8. Grouse Mountain, 5413', location T4N, R4E, SEC 1, approximately 13 miles south of Willow Creek. Private Land? Unknown lookout status.

  9. Iaqua Buttes, elevation 3729', BLM, location T3N, R3E, SEC 6, approximately 4 miles southeast of Kneeland Airport. Building on site in air photo. Private Property access?

  10. Mount Lassic (LO site), elevation 5400', Six Rivers National Forest, approximately 8 miles west of Ruth Lake. Unknown lookout status.

  11. Mt Pierce (LO site), elevation 3195', private property. No longer a lookout.

  12. Pratt Mountain, elevation 3895', location T4S, R4E, SEC 14, approximately 5 miles east of Garberville. Several structures including radio facilities. Supposedly a lookout built in 1930. No access, private.

  13. Schoolhouse Peak, elevation 3101', Redwood National Park, location T9N, R3E, SEC 19, approximately 11 miles southeast of Orick. Permanent Lookout Station.

  14. Shelton Butte (LO site), elevation 3568', Six Rivers National Forest, location T10N, R5E, SEC 20, approximately 5 miles northeast of Weitchpec. There is a structure on site (radio tower). According to the book Backcountry Adventures-Northern California, the lookout tower is no longer there.

  15. Sugar Pine Mountain (LO site), elevation 3942', Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, location T8N, R4E, SEC 32. No longer a lookout.

  16. Orleans Mountain, elevation 6196', Six Rivers National Forest, location T10N, R6E, SEC 11, approximately 4.5 miles southeast of Orleans. Permanent Lookout Station. I have been to the lookout and it would make a challenging mountain bike ride. This is also located near Salmon Mountain, which is the highest summit in Humboldt County at 6957'.

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