Friday, July 17, 2009

MTB-Arcata Community Forest

Distance: Variable
Climbing: Variable
Difficulty: Moderate
Start: Arcata, CA

It has taken me a couple of years to document the most common mountain bike ride in Humboldt County. This is because there really is no "Arcata Community Forest" ride. There are so many different ride options because of the dense network of trails. In my opinion, you really can't get lost either, but people have. All you have to do is point your bike downhill and you will eventually arrive in Arcata as long as you stay on a marked trail.

The trail system is the result of planning and work by the city of Arcata and many volunteers.

Here is a link to the city of Arcata's forest map. However, it is older and does not include reconstructed trails or new trails such as trails 6, 10, 11.5, or 18. I have an edited map shown below. The trails in red are reconstructed or new and I highly recommend trying to incorporate them into your ride. I recommend you park in Arcata and ride up to avoid vandalism to your vehicle at the trail head parking. I have personally not had problems parking at the Fickle Hill Road parking area.

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