Friday, September 09, 2011

Forks of Salmon Loop

Distance: 100 miles
Climbing: 10,000
Difficulty: Epic
Start: Forks of Salmon or Etna

The Salmon River Loop is a beautiful low traffic century in Siskiyou county. Here's a link to the Siskiyou Velo route description

We completed the ride in a clockwise direction starting at the Forks of Salmon Post Office. This is an easier way since you hit the toughest climb first. We also had the luxury of stopping for lunch at the Etna Brewery!

If you start in Etna you have to tackle the most difficult climb last after a long hard day. This ride rates as an epic, just like the Tour of the Unknown Coast. The scenery is spectacular and it is a must do for any north coast cyclist, even if the start is 2 hours from the coast. Traffic is generally light until you reach Highway 3, which you won't mind at all. In fact, at one time our squirrel count was higher than our car count!

The route would also make an excellent tour with several campgrounds along the way.

I have not provided a detailed route description because the ride can be started anywhere along the loop and there are few turns and lots of road signs. We started in Forks of Salmon, took Sawyers Bar Road to Etna, Highway 3 towards Callahan, and Callahan/Cecilville Road back to Forks of Sallmon.

Forks of the Salmon Loop

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