Saturday, February 04, 2017

Samoa Beach to Mad River Fatbike Ride

Distance: You Choose
Climbing: Very Little
Difficulty: Easy
Start: Samoa
Sand:  Hard and Fast
Beach Slope: Flat

Humboldt County has many great beaches, which are perfect for exploring.  I've explored nearly all of them on my fatbike.  The dunes and beach change every day like the tide so you never know what will wash up or wash away!

The longest stretch of beach is 15 miles from the Mad River to the north jetty of Humboldt Bay.  There are several places to start a fatbike ride and no way to get lost.  My favorite ride is from Samoa to the Mad River and back because I see the fewest number of people and I usually get a nice tailwind back to Samoa.  Pick you distance, starting point, and direction depending on the tide and wind.


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