Thursday, February 16, 2017

South Spit Humboldt Bay Fatbike Ride

Distance: You Choose
Climbing: Very Little
Difficulty: Easy
Start:  South Spit Humboldt Bay near Loleta
Sand: Hard and Fast
Beach Slope: Flat
Beachcombing:  Excellent

This is my favorite fatbike beach ride in Humboldt County.  The Eel River is 196 miles long.  all the winter storm debris dumps out on the beach near its mouth.  There is an amazing assortment of driftwood and debris.  The beach is 8.5 miles from the south jetty to the mouth of the Eel River.  I recommend riding from the base of Table Bluff at the parking lot to the mouth of the Eel River and back along the inland double track. This creates an 8.5 mile loop with a lot of variety.


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